Friday, December 23, 2016

Look inside

We are slowly getting "establa", or established. The one down side of living next to Nexar...the SMELL! He bakes bread and cake ALL DAY! Its a good thing weve lost weight, since we may get fat living here.

Repurposed fence from old house. Tried to hide my wood stash, and paint pretty for neighbors.

For all intents and purposes our "apartment" is a garage. At least two cars can fit in its length. The only openings are the big roll up door, and a small glass block window in the kitchen, plus the door to the courtyard. It has proven to be cool, unless we have the roll up door open. Plenty of breeze, actually sometimes wind tunnel like, and we need to close one door.



The bedroom still has no direction, slower progression, since all we do there is sleep. Id like to get a mosquito net in Charapoto, as much for decoration, as utility (we are going into the season). Getting shelves put in the closet, and need something for the bathroom. Medicine cabinet, or some shelves for toiletrees and towels.

Ive got the kitchen sorted, but really need some kind of pantry. We live differently here than the States, our pantry isnt where we go "shop", I may have an extra of somthing, but I don't  have cans and cans of things we  never eat. Since I never replaced kitchen items lost in the container, I dont need near as much kitchen storage, but a little would be nice. A while back, Manuel made us a banquette bench, we are toying with the idea of putting it on legs upright and adding shelves. Next time we have Javier over, we will pitch the idea, and get his thoughts. It is full of fabric at the moment, and clothing I want to remake, of these days.

Another week has come and gone, and with it another month! Where has the month gone? Most people here are looking forward to a better 2017, I guess I'll say I'm one of them, tho even with the earthquake, and many ups and downs, I still say 2016 was a great year. We are making plans for the weekend Christmas festivites, dinner with Nexar and family, and pool party at The Cottages with Kimberly. So, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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