Thursday, May 25, 2017

New Boats

The other day as Perry and I went for our beach walk, I noticed many new paint jobs on the boats. I vowed I would go back later when the men weren't there, and get some close ups. After lunch we went back, and snapped some photos.

I noticed a couple of the boats have this fish charachter, not sure if he is just popular, or if means the boats belong to the same family.

Batman? And then this is one of Junior's boats, is that the Puma logo?

I knew at lunchtime the men wouldn't be here, but I didnt realize tide was coming in, so I couldn't continue down the cove. The boat with the foam mattress was recently painted, it used to be very dirty with algae.

And then some in action, as I took them from the point the other evening. I do love to watch them come and go. Realized moving to the apartment next to the Panederia how much I loved the ocean.

What beautiful blue sky and gorgeous water...why would I want to live anywhere else? So stay tuned...the adventure continues!

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