Sunday, May 22, 2016

Belated Birthday Celebration

Our adoptive family, The Romero's had to put Domenica's birthday celebration on hold because of the earthquake. Her real birthday is April 20th, but we celebrated yesterday, with a large turn out.

This was at the end of photos, and she was ready for cake! Our fishermen friend Fernando, and his sister Vivianna, Domenica's mother, you've seen before what a ham Domenica is, today was no different. The spread was quite impressive, as in true Ecuadorean style we were told 3pm, but showed up at 4 and the festivities were only getting started. 

Our little friends, The Urchins were there, and at first were shy...but later

They couldn't stay away! For being so bad, they sure are cute! The older one we learned is David, still can't understand the little ones name, starts with an M...he is the real demon, David can be really good and helpful when the little one isn't around.

We were fed tuna sandwiches, then popcorn, then jello, Domenica's dad is Police Captain, and when he got off duty, he came home with beers. The kids played some games, then a piƱata of sorts was brought out, and the kids went crazy for candy and confetti.

The confetti was the hit for the rest of the party! Dinner was served (in styrofoam to go boxes) and the ladies started leaving, most taking their dinners with them. We stayed, shared some beers with the immediate family, ate our dinner and took our piece of cake home. Such a party! I'd say there were twenty mothers with at least one child each, some had three, maybe five men, we saw three nursing mothers and a couple of dogs. Of course our ladies, Lola, Melissa and Vivianna were mostly in the kitchen, poor things, but as always the food was delicious and the hospitality overflowing!

Sweet girls wanted to know what country I was from, and my name. Glad we were invited and went, we were invited Friday for the party on Saturday, so I had to hightail it into gear and make a present. I decided on a small patchwork purse, but forgot to take a picture, maybe Vi will post on Facebook, or I can stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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