Friday, May 27, 2016

New life

One of the things we enjoy so much about Ecuador, and I'm sure all of Latin/South America is the simpleness of life. We were both raised to be mindful of money and hunt for bargains, recycle or reuse, and know the difference between a Want and a Need. 

When we went into town the other day we saw something new.

I later saw on Facebook this was done by a team of muralists who are traveling the coast beautifying damaged areas. Yo gusta!

Recently I pulled out the sewing machine and practiced making a small purse, I used recycled denim from an old pair of jeans and scrap fabric.

Upon closer inspection, I need to work on straight lines, but for the difficulty of the two fabrics together, I'm not unimpressed with the outcome. (The one I did a couple days later for Domenica, was lined and had straight lines)

I was given these Men's madras patchwork cargo shorts, they were a little too wild to wear, so I thought I'd cut them up and make a sundress. Because of the cargo pockets, there really wasn't a whole lot of fabric, certainly not enough to make a dress. I decided to first start with...yet another purse. The pockets just begged for it, I mean they were already made! Out came another pair of recycled jeans, and the pant leg worked perfect. I cut off the waist band of the shorts, and used it as the strap, I will add Velcro to the outside pocket flap, and voila! New purse out of cast off clothing.

A chunk of Vecinos house, I'm going to make into a table, and a broken water jug used to plant new cactus.

This from our Canadian friend Glenn, he is a wonderful photographer and captures some great images. This one fits right in, with today's subject...New life.

And new life in Charapoto the other day. 

Another week has drained away, today is Fruit truck, wow! Time really does fly when you're having fun...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Veronica's new dress out of leftover pillow fabric.

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