Sunday, June 5, 2016

Building relationships

I can honestly say we are well liked by the community, they don't quite understand us, but like us. The earthquake has brought some of us closer, as well as started new friendships. Last evening we went to Marcos for an early dinner, we had never eaten at Marcos old restaurant, but wanted to be supportive. He has made outdoor seating, always our favorite, and of course the food was excellent. We shared a breaded fish plate and a bowl of ceviche, both were very very good. (2large beers, all for $13)

This is what was being finished when the earthquake happened. I'm just glad it wasnt open for business...and after a 7.8 earthquake

The new restaurant sits where this pile used to be, and now that the other building across the street has been demolished I'm sure he will start to rebuild there too. Poor guy, but good news is we are now on waving terms, and speaking terms is next.

I've been busy making signs for people, 

For Edison

Nexar the bread man

Jenny, and for her new granddaughter. (Remember the baby shower I was invited to the day of the earthquake)

We are also enjoying a new relationship with our "urchins"...these pictures are from Facebook, some gringo passing thru San Jacinto on way to San Clemente. 

And yesterday they were out front playing "boats" but kept pulling their pants up because they were heavy now that they'd gotten wet...

So I took out a couple lengths of twine, and made them belts. I can't believe we've known them over a year! This next picture was on a recent memory on Facebook.

We love our little town, and I really enjoy seeing the smiles on their faces when "the gringa" does something unexpected. So, stay tuned, the adventure continues...

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