Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Quick trip to Bahia

Another expat went into Bahia this week and posted some pictures. We still have no reason to go, so we'll stay out of the way.

There are several mobile hospitals, medical centers set up. PortoViejo and Manta have these as well, both of them had major damage to their hospitals.

This is the museum, I can't imagine it's salvageable...

Apparently many of the buildings had color coded stickers, stating the future of the building, whether it was safe or needed to come down. This area is the major "downtown" area, usually bustling with people, buses, cars, taxis and bike taxis. It really looks like a ghost town.

This picture was the biggest shock to us, as this Tia store used to be dwarfed by larger taller buildings. Across the street there used to be a huge bakery clothing stores, and vendors who were parked on the corner. I can't imagine when it'll get rebuilt. Who owns the land? How many people lived in the buildings higher floors? And where did they go? Those who don't have family, went to this tent city, or ones like it...

Another expat posted they toured tent cities, and found some had "community centers" with pool table, and games for kids. Many that are run by the military have rules, no alcohol and such inside the gates. Many people displaced aren't living too differently than before, we have run across many locals who don't have running water, bucket showers and hand washing dishes is normal. They also have a great attitude, and are thankful for the help they've gotten thus far.

Of course everyone wishes the earthquake never happened, but since you can't put that cat back in the bag...whatcha gonna do? They keep smiling! The people in our town are very appreciative, Jose and his lady, Carmen have had us over for lunch a number of times, trying to "repay" us the only way they can. Nexar invited us to his house for food as well, he said the maestro had finished the rebuilding of the walls, and he would ask Maria what day.

Thanks to Ray and Deborah for sharing their trip to Bahia. We've been invited to a birthday, and then there are more birthdays this weekend. (including mine) So...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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