Monday, February 29, 2016

Life's a Beach

Another month has come and gone, where does the time go? The past four days we have been pretty much sick in bed (of course someone still has to cook...) but today I am on the road to recovery. It's a good thing too, because we are out of bread and almost out of milk, I need to get some shopping done. But first things first.

We've had people visit who just can't stand all our tranquilo-ness, some people can, and apparently some can't. We fill our days with leisurely walks, finding treasures the ocean has coughed up, and getting to notice "the little things".

While walking the beach recently, we stumbled on this, we call it a "dog party".

We've seen this family before, this little brown one we call "scruffy" he has such long scruffy face hair, as you can see, they pay little to no attention to us. Just a family out for a day at the beach...

This one was taken on a Saturday, when the football league (and when I say football, you all realize I mean "soccer" right?) was playing. There are two "fields" set up, for multiple games at once, complete with referees. A couple vendors set up on the sidelines and at least a few of the ramadas have food for sale, and hammocks for rent.

A little further down past the games, are the "ruins", I've pictured them before, but when we got there on this day...they were...GONE!

The old sea wall and cistern were still there, but everything else had been scooped up and moved towards the road, piled up as a new sea wall. So weird to see after 18 months of seeing it one way.

No stairs, no pillars, just smooth sand, as if that old building had never been there.

And still further down towards La Boca the debris from the river starts to accumulate, again this year, it's mostly vegetation. We take bigger bags, and collect wood for me to paint on, and sticks for various things. I've always been a "scavenger" and so this is right up my alley. Love trash to treasure! Which reminds me, my painting recently has been ocean themed.

We are not the only ones who enjoy living here at the beach, one of our favorite things is to watch the kids play in the water. Some of the kids have boogie boards, while others play with whatever they can find. Recently the kids had a huge piece of styrofoam they were using as a boogie board, it worked! 

The older urchin has been solo lately, we don't know where his little brother went, of course he was the demon, so with him gone, the older boy is hanging out with Francis and being helpful. If he continues to be good we will look into getting him a boogie board. Maybe we could buy a couple, and loan them out, don't know, just a thought.

A couple more cute pics, this is Fernando and his son  Zadkiel.

Life at the beach, it's the life for me. So, stay tuned...the adventure continues.

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