Friday, February 26, 2016

Busy week

So much has happened this week, I almost don't know where to start. I guess I'll start with Monday, I went to pay the power bill at the bank in town, and the machine was down, she said mañana. So Tuesday I went, still down, it was becoming necessary to go to Charapoto to pay at the office. While I waited for an answer of a quick ride, I got to watch the continuing saga of the new sea wall being built.

So much sand had washed away, these rocks were showing, so they dug them up and started making a wall. The owner of the lot next to the lot next door may have been the financier, or maybe the municipality, not sure. But most of the work was done at that other lot. 

Don't know if they are finished, or if it's just Saturday... Stay tuned

Didn't get to Charapoto Tuesday, but we got on the bus by 10am Wednesday, payed the bill, no problem $9, and were on our way. Stopped at the fabric store bought some new fabric for pillow cases, and other odds and ends in the "big city", remember Charapoto has a stop light!

While there, we walked past the rice mill, quite an impressive machine!

I bought 2 lbs in town for $1, how does that compare to US? It's been awhile...after shopping we stopped at our friends restaurant for lunch, it was on the way home and across from the welder.

Martha, the owner/operator is the mother of Christopher, who's godfather is Fernando Father fishermen, and the young man who chaperoned us on the shrimp boat last year. Small town...lunch was great, as always and we saw Rene the welder pull up just as we were finishing. We gave him our drawing, talked price estimate, and were on our way...

Thursday afternoon, Rene brought us this baby! Recycled truck tire rim turned into a grill, parrillada in Spanish. This was a spendier option, we liked the recycled aspect of it, but since it was once part of a vehicle he wanted to seal it for contaminates, it cost us $65. Smaller and rectangle would have been closer to $30, but from drawing to execution in less than 24 hrs and delivered, we are NOT complaining! 

I buy my carne from Jenny's tienda, I never know what I'm going to get, but a pound is $3.25. Brought this chunk home and Mike said, "that looks like tenderloin!" So steaks it was, they turned out great, so lean he had to add a little butter...potatoes onions and bell pepper in the foil packet and I steamed cauliflower. EVERYTHING was Tender and flavorful, the grill is a wonderful purchase we will use often, next shrimp?

And here we are Saturday morning, waiting for the organic egg man. Mike and I are both feeling a touch of bronchitis, and so I call for a lazy tv day. Catch up on some shows, and rest up. Hope y'all enjoyed our "busy week", many things in progress, I'll share next, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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