Saturday, February 13, 2016

After the party is over

The consensus is Carnivale was a dud. Facebook has been lit up with complaints about the sorry state of affairs here, people "from away" who vacation here saw first hand how run down it has become. They apparently have some pull (that us little folk don't) because yesterday there was a town hall meeting, and low and behold (after several months of pleading) the three beach communities now have $361,000 for repairs and prevention of further destruction.

Twice a day the malecon looks like this between San Jacinto  and San Clemente, the ocean finds any bit of debris it can and shoots it up from the rocks, onto the road. Not much can be done, the talk is a cement sea wall added on top of the rocks, but then there is no view of the ocean...with the debris crashing on the road all the time, the asphalt is breaking down, but what is the correct answer?

Dangerous for pedestrians, motorbikes and cars. The bus has to get re-routed when it's this bad, and all one can do is wait for lower tide and clean up.

The meeting was held at the funeral home, we didn't go because of our limited understanding, especially when they are talking fast and furious. But knew I would get the scoop on Facebook. Sometimes social media is great.

So, we will see in the coming months what will be done with the new win fall of budget, and of course I will keep you all informed. The ocean wasn't the only thing wreaking havoc on this little area during Carnivale...the rain!

This top picture is where the stage for San Clemente's Sunday night concert was set up. But of course the bulk of the rain came Monday.

Note the yellow house in a couple of pictures, our friends Keith and Becky, I've shown their house a couple times...and here's why. High tide, El NiƱo style 2016

The fishermen told him to move his car, and The neighborhood kids used it as a swimming pool the next day. He says twice a year the tides are so high it floods the compound. They have 6 drains, and it empties within an hour, Crazy! Braver souls than us.

One last thing, photos from Nan Levin's blog. The beach in Manta, near where our friends Rubelly and Soledad live. Carnivale, and the day after.

That about sums it up here too! Hope all is well, stay warm and stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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