Friday, February 5, 2016

Football field or lake?

We walked to the main road the other day for lunch, and on the way home we saw what used to be a football field, had been turned into a lake from the heavy rain.

Our fishermen friends Fernando, Rafael and Ramon all live over here, it's about two blocks back from our house. The local football leagues play here sometimes, if high tide says they can't play on the beach.

We are meeting new friends in Centro this morning, taking them to the fruit truck and then maybe we will walk this way to lunch and see what it looks like. 

But this morning I need to get my sign for the fishermen pop up restaurant finished. Fernando brought me over some lacquer, he wants put on it, so I have to test an area, and then string it all together after its dried. I also need to put some hangers on the driftwood plaques, and string some wind chimes. The touristas (people from "away") will start arriving this afternoon, and festivities will start tomorrow, going thru, as always! Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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