Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tuesday, Carnivale finale

Tuesday morning we woke to beautiful blue skies but everything needed to dry out. We swept the rain water from the patio and planned on a quiet day on the outdoor couch, the touristas were still getting some beach time but we knew by late afternoon they would be getting packed to go home. Mike suggested a walk, and so around 11 we donned sunscreen and headed out. As we were returning, our friends at the restaurant wanted us to come, Ramon and Rafael had already started drinking, so we joined them, as we ordered lunch.

This is Captain Fernando, in the stripes, his nephew Patricio (Ramon's son) and Rafael in blue.

Here we have Ramon, Mike and I, Rafael, captain Fernando's sister Viviana in black, their mom Lola and aunt Gloria from the Oriente on the end. They have definatly accepted us into their family, and we love it. Such good people!

As the afternoon wore on, the clouds came back and the touristas left. We continued to sit and drink, talk, laugh and eat. The ladies are such maestros in the kitchen, over the course of the weekend festivities we had shrimp ceviche, shrimp viche, breaded shrimp, breaded fish and now langostinos!

We were so full, could hardly eat another bite, but it was so good, and they are so pleased to share. The ladies finally got the kitchen cleaned up and the real party could begin...we chipped in for more beer and got the music started.

I'm a bad influence and got all the ladies to drink, they worked so hard this weekend, they needed to unwind too! We got a really big speaker plugged into our house, and danced for awhile, then had a foam fight, and it was time to call it a night. A perfect end to a not so great Carnivale, the afternoon and evening was the highlight, good times with good friends...

So, stay tuned...the adventure continues!


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