Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Photo Album

After the party was over, and posted about, more pictures began to surface, so here they are.

Couldn't resist this photo op. Too cute, all those boys lined up like that. They certainly didn't care it was "drizzly"!

Mas gente! (Many people) 

Upstairs, at the White House in front of ours. No vacationers this year, maybe because it was rainy.  So we got to go up and look. Ocean is a little close...

Beautiful pictures taken by one of neighbors Glenn. Thanks for sharing, I love the colors. You don't get to see them like this when you're walking. Note the green hills too, hermosa! (Beautiful)

A good picture of Vecino, or wonderful neighbor next door. He's the strong silent type, but we know he likes us. He doesn't own the house, he's just the caretaker, he doesn't accept much help, but does let me buy him pineapples occasionally. He has started bringing my trash can around from the street after the truck picks up, and remember he made me my rake! Love him.

My newest attempt at painting. Crab on beach wood. He sits on a shelf with other decorations. Guess that's it, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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