Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sunday and Monday

Sunday got off to a good start, the weather was beautiful, blue skies and sun shining. The beach goers had a good long time before high tide, and the vendors were in full force on the beach. The fishermen restaurant opened, complete with newly painted sign compliments of moi...(Caida del Sol means "fall of the sun")

They added two more tables this year, and a larger serving area. We kept an eye on the customers, and finally caught a good time to go eat lunch, when they weren't slammed. We had a shrimp ceviche to share, and  a breaded fish, and breaded shrimp, each came with rice and small cucumber/tomato salad. Super yummy, as always! And Of course when it came time to pay, they wouldn't accept our money...

I had planned on asking a couple store owners if they would sell my crafts, but I never did, so I tried to sell them out front. 

I sat inside the fence, under the shade, but nobody even came over to plan now is to take them to sell to vacationing gringos at The Cottages. They make good gifts too, so not a waste.

Late in the afternoon, tide was getting high, and we were full from lunch, so took a nap, when we woke it was almost 6pm, and the clouds had blown in. The big party was to be in San Clemente, which is something we only needed to do once, so we stayed home, and out of the crazy. Here are some pictures from Facebook, Mas gente! (Many people)

During the night the rain started, and stayed with us ALL day Monday. The fishermen restaurant diligently stayed open but got very few customers, simply because the people stayed indoors. There were many kids on the beach, and in the water, but the ones who buy lunch...didn't. 

I went over and ordered lunch to go, and sat while it was prepared, got a little dripped on, but no big deal. (at least it's not cold rain) We promised we would go to the band (at 10pm! Ugh) but when the rain didnt stop by 8pm we changed our mind, and our clothes, getting dressed for bed. Of course, later as I heard music gearing up in town, I felt bad and we decided to get dressed and go see. The rain did stop for about an hour, we danced a couple songs, saw some people, had a couple beers and called it a night. Getting home by 11:15. And as we were deciding to head home, we saw the fishermen wives, asked where the guys were...they told us they were in bed! Ha ha! So, now we were really glad we made the effort!

Today is the end, the restaurant is open, tide is low and there is no rain, hopefully the towns people can earn a little more before the tourists head home. That was the saddest part about the rain and all the permit trouble, the lack of extra income to our little village and the traveling vendors. The Ecuadoreans are so optimistic, they take it all in stride and don't seem to get flustered, I love their positive attitudes!

It'll be back to normal soon, We survived another Carnivale...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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