Friday, February 19, 2016


Before Carnivale we went shopping in Charapoto, it's about 5miles away, and we take the bus for .50 cents each way. It has one stop light, so you know it's bigger than our little village, and therefore has more to offer shopping wise. For instance, Charapoto is the closest fabric shop, flower shop, bike shop and has several large pharmacies, not to mention the huge market on the weekend. But this particular visit, we were more interested in the new sign! 

All around Manabi (our State, or province) these new signs are popping up. I hadn't realized that each letter had a different picture, representing the area, but up close I could see them all.

Cock fights and gambling, shrimp, fancy dancing horses, music and dancing...

Corn, Charapotos flag, the hills, rice and the church.

The hills are not usually so green, so beautiful January thru March.

This street is full to the brim with vendors on Saturday and Sunday market, but this day was very quiet.

The main street looking West, towards our village

And looking east, towards Roca Fuerte and PortoViejo. Just past noon and the stores were closing up for lunch and siesta. So much for anymore shopping, oh well. It's hotter inland, so we always love getting back to our lovely San Jacinto and beach breezes.

Can't wait to get our sign here in SJ, thought it might happen before Carnivale, but, stay tuned! The adventure continues!

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