Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sick and tired

That busy week we had really caught up with us. Not sure if it was the gringo I ran into at the bank, or all the people from here to Charapoto on the bus, but we caught a cold and were sick for almost a week.

I noticed it first, my throat was scratchy and I tried to fend it off taking vitamin c, but it was too strong. My chest became thick and I knew from experience it was turning into bronchitis. Fever, aches and all around wanting to die. Then the next day Mike came down with it, great! I had a whole day of sneezing (boy is that annoying) and stuffy head. But by day 4, I was going without ibuprofen and most of my energy was back.

I made it into town for provisions on Monday and told Jenny I had been enferma and she wrote down what I needed to get next door at the pharmacia. I also told the lady at the pharmacia I had a cough, and she sold me some expectorant in pill form. The medicine Jenny suggested was a powder you stir in water, like Theraflu, but not poison flavor like in the States. So, with a little sign language and miming we've got medicine and are on the road to recovery. Fernando Father fishermen also told me we could get shots at the clinic, if we wanted.

We both said at least once, that we were glad we didn't have to work, working while sick is no fun. We also said, and other gringos on Facebook said, it was the worst sickness encountered in a Long Time. I'm glad it's over, and glad our immune systems must be pretty strong, because one gringo neighbor said they'd had it going on three weeks...I could not stand it that long! So, we are getting back to normal, another overcast day here, it's the rainy season, and luckily it's been cooler the last few days. Guess that's all for now, hope y'all are healthy, don't skimp on that vitamin C! And stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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  1. poor you, I know that feeling, take care both.