Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Semana Santa

Semana Santa is Holy Week, I'd forgotten a couple things since last year, one is I missed my fruit truck on Friday. I heard (too late) on Thursday that they were set up, taking Friday off for the holiday, oh well, I ended up buying green beans over the fence on Saturday.

The little lady had her grandson on the beach, playing in the waves, and she had this big bag with her. She got my attention, and asked if I could help her fix her shoe, her sandal had broken, I went in the house and got two pairs of shoes, one my mom brought that was really too small, and another pair of cheap sandals. She chose the too small ones, and they were too big for her,  but she wanted them. She then asked if I wanted to buy some beans, so I went back in the house got a dollar and a bowl and she filled me up. But here I am talking out of order, Friday...

All of a sudden there were drums and singing, we went outside and we had a procession!

Later from Facebook I found out these people are from Charapoto, and they were walking the Stations of the Cross, they (most, not all I'm sure) walked from Charapoto, to San Clemente, and down the beach, possibly all the way to the Boca! That's 5 miles plus another 4, maybe 10 miles, and that's only one way! Here's how it started...

The procession made it to the beach, down near Punta Bikini

Stopping in San Alejo for prayer

And a little south of our house

The umbrellas were for sun protection, and it was a nice cool morning, I knew I didn't recognize many, and wondered where they had come from, so I'm glad I saw the rest of the story on Facebook.

Saturday eve was a band and dancing, luckily there were two, one started at 9pm (and was on time) and the one at 11pm, we missed. We had decided to eat dinner at Blue Tent, that way we could people watch and be there when the band started. We saw and grabbed our fishermen friend Raphael and he sat with us. After dinner we walked around a bit and saw the festivities, then decided by 10:30 we'd had enough, and snuck home.

But a good time was had by all, late into the morning. The expat Glenn who lives in the apartment right above the bandstand said it was still going near 2am...

Sunday we had an invite to pool party and Easter potluck, I made a potato and green bean salad, and the spread of food was impressive! Sorry, no pictures, smoked ham, wonderful chicken on the grill, deviled eggs!! Yum, it was a great afternoon with friends! 

Now the town is back to normal, the out of towners have all gone home, and our tranquilo life resumes. Lots of projects started, and needing to get finished, so...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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