Friday, April 1, 2016

Finished projects

I have had several projects in the works, either started, or just formulated in my mind, and it was high time to get back at it. The rainy season is coming to an end, (you wouldn't know from the downpour last night, but...) and that means I've been outside on the patio. As I look around, I come up with things I'd like to do, I'd made this coconut hanging planter some time ago, but only recently brought it outside and planted in it. The plants were looking good, I just felt it needed a little something, so I painted it.

So when I moved this one, it left an empty spot, so I had to come up with something new...

The yellow pot is an old bleach bottle, and they are planted with discarded pineapple tops, talk about recycling!

We went to town the other morning and found a plant truck, SCORE! We bought several things for inside the house, and some for out. The beautiful bougainvillea was the star of this area, but the black plastic bag it was planted in was not cutting it, what to do until I can repot it? How about cover it up?

I had recently painted these sticks to make a hanging light, but my plan didn't go , well as I strung them together, and tied them around the black plastic bag, voila!

The last of the ugly faded old plastic pots have their new life.

And a trip by bus to Charapoto and the fabric store Wednesday got me inspired to get the sewing machine out yesterday morning and get new pillowcases made for the outdoor area. I picked up the patterned remnants for $1 and got two from each one. I decided to make the pillows reversible, so I would get more bang for my buck. 

The stars must have been aligned because I got all five large pillowcases plus the two small ones done without much frustration! Woot woot! That makes me happy, because now next time I think about bringing out the sewing machine, it'll be no big deal, I've been successful, not ended in a huff.

I have also been doing some sewing by hand, I remade a tshirt that was too tight into a tank top, and remade a skirt into a sundress. (And now that the sewing machine and I are friends, watch out!)

I also had been wanting to get the bottle koozies we've been using covered. I'd like to make new ones, just have to remember to look up wetsuit material in the translator...these koozies were given to us, and had advertisement on them, this is much better. (Esta mucho mejor!)

Whew! I've been busy! So glad I don't have one of those pesky jobs to take up my time! Today is waiting for the fruit truck, then lunch with friends, ordering beer and water for delivery and walking on the beach, what a perfect life. There's much more to come, so... Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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