Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Walk to the Boca

Low tide is in the morning this week, and we've been taking our coffee on the "road." This is the time of year that the debris travels down the PortoViejo River, and gets clogged up around the point. We take bags and rope with us when we walk, because we know we are going to find treasure. 

The other day when we were down there, we came across this make shift pier, I loved looking at it up close to see just what was used. Wow, what an assortment, can you see why we love this?

Of course the next day it was gone...and then

Every couple weeks the municipality will send crews down to clean up, they do a great job, and it's clean until high tide brings more down the river.

The stretch of beach is a mile between our house and the Boca (mouth of the river) and so even tho they spent many hours cleaning, there is always something for us to find and carry home.

Yesterday's treasures, a wonderful small chunk of boat roller, perfect for a plant stand! And this bit of lovely-ness...such colors, different than other piece I have. I did use the boat roller for a plant stand, as I puttered around the patio yesterday after our walk.

And the other new plant, hibiscus with wonderful yellow flowers, prettied up the plastic nursery bag with beach finds.

Other treasures we found, waiting for cleaning and storing...

Here's a shot of what was happening on the other side of the fence, as I puttered in the "yard", I only knew they were there because of the friendly banter, not a single fish smell!

Walks to the Boca bring so many things, things to treasure for years to come. Getting quite the collection of "found objects". Probably considered a hoarder here, jajaja (that's hahaha in Spanish)

Well, laundry and smoothies are calling, better get on with it. The monument is coming along, and I've been invited to a Baby shower!! So, stay tuned...the adventure continues!

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