Tuesday, April 12, 2016

When it rains it...

Floods! The PortoViejo River is too full, and not flowing properly due to all the debris. These pictures are all over Facebook, these pictures are all east of us, hopefully nothing like this will happen too close to us, but I'm afraid it's inevitable. (On our last bus ride, we saw debris like this near Rocafuerte)

Towns are being flooded, I can't imagine the feeling you'd have being in your house, and watching the water rise, rise, rise...

Thankfully the Police are around to help, and these people really help each other out. 

Above, Doing house searches, making sure everyone is out and safe. Below, people using the tables at the market place to store their important items, hope the water doesn't rise anymore!

One expat who was here in 1997 El Niño, said they had suggested then that the municipalities build rain water reservoirs and channels to avert flooding, but nothing was done. Now all they can do is help clean up the blockages, and pray it stops raining.

Found out the guy here in the blue and black check shirt is the mayor of PortoViejo.

And an aerial photo, check out the road...or rather bridge, all that is above water.

Obviously we are hoping it stops raining, it has been gray here the past couple days, was hoping for blue skies today, but so far no. Today is the first annual Chili Cook off, and pool party at The Cottages by the Sea. (and even tho it may be gray, remember it's still paradise, and 80 degrees) I've got the camera, so...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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