Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mangrove Tower Dedication

Now I know why they were doing such a thorough clean up job down at the Boca the other day. The next day tents and chairs went up, and the most important people came out for a dedication ceremony.

The Mayor came out (in blue) and all the people who worked on the project. The local people, Ali and Captain Pasqual, the architect and job foreman, and many of the workers.

Announcements, and such, then on to the ribbon cutting and tour...

The architect cutting the ribbon, and now the tour...all the woodwork has a fresh coat of varnish, looked great.

Captain Pasqual took people out on the boat, since that is one of the things he started after this tower got started. He is big on promoting tourism.

And finally the day ended with lunch down the Boca road at the nearby Editha's restaurant.
Editha and her husband posing with the Mayor.

And the whole San Jacinto/Boca tourism group with the Mayor.

I can't even remember when this project started, I'd have to look back thru the blog to see, but it must be a year ago! A LOT of work, blood sweat and tears has gone into it, looks great and I hope it brings lots of tourism to our little town. Now just waiting to see if they really put in the zip line they were talking about! The monument in town is progressing slowly, more on it soon. So...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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