Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sandbags and Sandia

This year the ocean has decided we had too much sand, and it took it all away...I remember last year, the boats were parked in front, but not this year!

This is a picture two weeks ago, when the "sea wall" went in. The big earth mover dug up a bunch of little rocks and piled them up in front of half our house. But over the course of the next weeks, the tide came over, the sand got washed away, and all the little rocks fell down. Fishermen helped us with our sandbags, after the sand in front of our gate finally got washed away.

They were beautiful new steps...until high tide!

Note the new bag holder, the old one couldn't be reached anymore, so I put a new one on this side, but after the sand got washed away, it couldn't be reached either, so bag holder 3.0 is on a pulley.

We had invited the Romero family over for Americana Norte Comida on Saturday, we had agreed on 1pm, we had hoped that when the men got back from fishing they would help us redo the sandbag steps, but they must have had a good day, because 1pm came and went, and the boats were still out. The ladies all showed up about 1:30 ish, and we went ahead without the men, thinking they would be back shortly.

I got the ladies to all have a glass of Sandia (watermelon) wine, and Mike started the grill. We visited and had many photos, the girls loved having a place to pose.

Dominica is taking modeling classes, and was ALL ABOUT THE PHOTOS! Mama Lola's birthday was last week, and I had finished her present, a driftwood cross, they all loved it.

We ate hamburgers, macaroni salad and potato chips, and even tho the men didn't get back til late, we had a good time with the ladies. I pulled out the string, shells and beads and the kids and I made necklaces before it was time for home and naps. It didn't turn out exactly like I had planned, but a good time was had by all. It was nice the ladies didn't have to cook, I think they enjoyed that, and a nice Sandia wine buzz didn't hurt.

Update on the new monument next time, so...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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