Thursday, June 2, 2016


During the aftermath of the earthquake we were informed of a generator for use to charge phones and such at a place called CasaMar. We had walked by the place several times and wondered what it was, as we could see interesting garden area inside the fence. The night we went was well, night, so all we got to see was the seating/entertainment area, so we went back recently during daylight, wow!

Right from the entrance, the place is intriguing. Art installations and fun recycled bottle walkway...

The grounds are quite extensive, there are individual cabanas for rent, and the sign says area for camping.

Plant markers and metal sculptures are tucked in everywhere. Talking with the owner, Fernando, this has been his "project" for the past 25 years. He originally is from Quito, and lived in New Jersey for some time, so speaks very good English.

Outdoor communal kitchen area, several shade structures for lounging, what used to be a small pool and fountain, and reading library.

We wondered around one afternoon by ourselves, and then went back again and toured with Fernando's wife Leonor, she doesn't speak English, but we did pretty well with her. She invited us back for coffee and bolones, and now we are friends on Facebook. She also invited me to come and learn how to make Viche, the yummy peanut based soup so popular here. Mi gusta! Fernando has had to go away for work, so Mike is free to come and fire his clay anytime, maybe the day us ladies make soup.

I found a new way to hang shells, and then what to do when we get too many, what an impressive pile!! And how huge this one is, foot for reference, and my feet aren't tiny.

One of many plants I want to get cuttings from! We have a pale pink Plumaria/Frangipani, so this darker pink is a must. They have a young adult son, Juan who helps with the landscape, but they said I could come garden anytime, no kidding what a huge property to weed! 

We didn't even take pictures everywhere, I realized the bread oven/kiln isn't pictured. Guess it's a good thing y'all stay tuned...because the adventure continues!

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  1. Wonderful photos and I really like the elephant art. You have a lovely blog. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.