Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ark needed

Rainy season has indeed started. Where we had beautiful blue, almost cloudless skies one week, 

The next we have two days of downpours and lengthy showers. The big blue container was already full, so of course it overflowed from the water running off the roof. The thatch roof had been built with plastic on top, but that has since blown half off, so there were many leaks. Actually, it was just a shit ton of water! We went out in our bathing suits twice to sweep the water out the drain holes, but finally gave up. It was just so much water! 

Later on Facebook I ran across these pictures. 

1. SanJACINTO 2. Rocafuerte 3. El Matal tent city

So, after we dried off we made empanadas for lunch. Recently I found the shells in the local tienda, and decided to try our hand. The biggest trick I found was to let them come to room temp before trying to seperate them, and then the amount of oil needed, really isnt that much. We did pizza ones with cream cheese, home made pizza sauce and pepperoni and also tried cheeseburger ones with cream cheese, mustard, ketchup and ground beef. They all turned out super yummy. 

After lunch I made a dress for Veronica and a shirt for Shadrach in front of the tv. I used sleeves I took off a blouse. It would have been a good day to get the sewing machine out, maybe next rainy day. I really do need a full length mirror if Im going to be sewing clothes, so next week we will go to the "big city" Bahia and get one.

 So... Stay tuned, the adventure continues.

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