Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Warranty expired

The past couple weeks have been a blur. It started with the chihuahuas scratching themselves raw from mosquito bites. Then Veronica had some teeth issues, which ended up with six teeth being pulled. Needless to say its been a trying time, she is a horrible sick person! but things are on the up and up, yesterday we got kisses on our face and so did her brother. 

We have been continuing to make crockpot dogfood, because of the aging chihuahua teeth, Since we still call them "the puppies" we forget they are 8 yrs old. I realized her teeth hurt when I was trying to pry open her mouth to give her Benedryl for her itching. She was such a good girl, she opened her mouth and let me squirt the medicine down her throat. Pook kid. I then started her on amoxicillin, and she was starting to come around, then we had a vet look at her. He agreed that she needed some dental work, so, we headed to the Cottages for surgery. In true Ecuadorean form, I got to be the lucky assistant...good thing I was able to sit down. Teeth pulled is one thing, not sure I am the one to assist when we take Perry. 

(Veronica on the mend, she always feels better in a dress.)

Perry, on the other hand is doing well. We changed the family dynamic a bit, he is not such a house dog. He really doesnt care, just happy to have a home, even if that means sleeping on the porch. He is outside security, and the chihuahuas dont feel invaded in their own house. He can come and go as he wants during the day, and we make sure he is well fed and watered. I think he might be gaining weight. Beach walks are still his favorite! Which reminds me, its about low tide, so...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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