Saturday, January 7, 2017

This week

One of our favorite things to do is sit out front with coffee and fresh bread in the morning. We get to visit with Nexar, and Maria if she is with him, and anyone else who comes by. We also get to see interesting, and often funny things as we sit. 

Veronica checking out the palomitas, and Maestro buying fresh crab for $10

I had another English lesson, I realized they had not practiced (I havent either) and when the little brothers showed up, it was apparent the lesson was over for the day. I told them next week we would do the alphabet, and I came up with a good way for them to practice, listen to English music. Its a great way for them to hear correct pronunciation. (Me too)

Busy making Que Dios te Bendiga signs for the new houses, and made a gift for the expat who helped us evacuate the night of the terremoto. We ate dinner with her on Christmas eve and i realized I could make the perfect gift for her. She loves this cobalt blue color, and has a beautiful large patio over looking the ocean in San Clemente Norte. Cant wait to give them to her.

Getting things more and more put away. Trying to get in to the swing of watering all these plants. Rainy sason hasnt quite started yet, and I now have all these houseplants (they are still in their nursery bags, so not easy to water indoors). Made this twine trellis, for the maracuya (passion fruit) and mandevilla vine to climb on. As I helped them take hold, I found a morning glory, it would have been wind and salt burned by now at the other house, so Im excited to see if I can get flowers. Lots of things looking really good, a couple plants I need to continue to watch. 

January has started with a flash, where has the week gone? Much in the works, pool time today, and visiting with friends. Our sunset walk last night was highlighted by the greeting we got from Zadkiel and Domenica...

Some cool stuff going on around town, so stay tuned...the adventure continues.

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