Saturday, January 14, 2017

Beach walk

We walked the beach the other day, low tide is in the morning, and we realized it had been quite awhile since we walked to the boca. We found new rocks added around the mangrove tower, and upon further inspection, saw why. Actually, we knew when they built it, it may not work the way they invisioned, but...they built it anyway, and now it needs reinforcements.

Not sure what this pump boat is doing, but we heard they (not sure who "they" are) wanted to change the mouth of the river...good luck with that.

Perry thoroughly enjoys a beach walk. He doesnt act near this crazy when we are walking on the road or sidewalks. Crazy dog.

One more pic, even tho we dont live on the beach anymore...we still get gifts from the fishermen. So many of them live in town, or up the street, and walk by our new house. The other day, as we were walking thru town some fishermen we only know by face, stopped us and asked if I wanted these shells. Most of them had critters inside, so I soaked them in bleach water and washed them all, some still stunk, but what a score!

Weeks are flying by, much in the works. But also lots of lazy days, life is good semi retired on the stay tuned, the adventure continues!


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