Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mighty Ocean

  The other day as I wrote my blog post, I felt the ocean rumble. I almost wrote about it then, but thought I must be wrong, since it was almost low tide, and Id never felt the ocean here before. I finished the blog post, and we did indeed go for a beach walk, and there I found it WAS the ocean I felt rumbling. It was super rough! I stood amazed at the height of the waves, I dont think Id ever seen such big waves here. 

We noticed as we walked by our old house that all the fishermen had moved their boats, different than just the day before, I wonder if the lake is back today...

Picture of the rocks placed in front of the Mangrove tower. The youth have been cleaning out some channels, so the river and tide have more places to go, and hopefully will do less damage to the new pilings. 


Speaking of mighty water, we woke to a downpour of epic proportions last night. It lasted about 5 minutes, then moved on, and we had little rain throughout the rest of the morning. Mike says it's already heating up, and it may be a steamy one. (I brought my coffee back to bed)

I was kinda hoping for overcast today, as I want to walk thru the neighborhoods and see the progress, but if the clouds are already burning off, it may be another beach walk, low tide is 10:45 ish. Yesterday was a hot one, with little breeze so we chose to paint infront of the tv and fan. Saw a beautiful picture of snowy Idaho on a friends Facebook, and while I am able to appreciate it, I am so glad I am not living in it, brrrr!

With that, stay warm friends and loved ones, and of course...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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