Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bahia Daytrip

Since moving into the new apartment we have been making a list for the "big city", we went to the "small city", Charapoto last month and bought what we could there, but now we were ready for Bahia. We waited for a day with no rain, and headed to the bus stop. When arriving at the bus stop we saw a young woman and her baby waiting. Pretty soon a taxi pulled up, and the young woman got in, the driver then asked her if we needed a ride, and she said yes. So they invited us to jump in. When we got closer to Bahia, the driver asked where we were going, and we told him, he said it would be $4. 

The driver was not getting rich off us, actually he saved us almost a dollar. It was such a sweet lesson to be reminded. Be nice, be thoughtful, it doesn't cost anything. Im sure it was awkward to ask us, the ride was silent, when if we hadn't been in the car, they may have talked, but doing a nice gesture was and is usually forfront for the Ecuadorean. We certainly appreciated getting to Bahia quickly and painlessly.

Mike had not been to Bahia since the earthquake, so we started walking around downtown before we did our shopping. While walking towards the point, we ran into a neighbor! Small world! He was doing some errands, having a cup of coffee and told us if we were done shopping and at the mall by 12:30, he would give us a ride home! What a score! Rides BOTH ways! Usually after a big item shopping day, we splurge and get a taxi home for $12, but not today.

We continued to walk a little ways, and realized it was already really warming up, so we got on with our shopping, and vowed to came again soon to look around. Maybe an overcast day, no shopping just walk around and eat, always nice to have new restaurants to choose from. We still want to spend the night in Bahia, and check out the night life...someday.

We bought new bed pillows! Joy, our old ones were mildewed (yuck). A full length mirror, so I can start sewing/remaking clothes. Looked at the blenders, because we really miss smoothies since ours died. But our options were really cheap plastic and really expensive plastic, so we decided to wait. Toaster oven was on the list, but they didn't have any, same with a jigsaw, guess we have to go to a Bigger city...maple syrup (Aunt Jemimah, not that brand matters, but taste) coffee creamer for Mike, nail polish remover, you know the things we cant get normally in town. 

We are so used to our tiendas, that even with a list when we get to the big grocery store, our eyes glaze over and we just kinda stare at all the choices. Usually we buy toiletrees, but I just did an Avon order from Nexars wife, so I didn't hardly look. 

(Arco iris in spanish)

What a nice day, we had lunch in the food court, and had a free, albiet rough ride home in the neighbors truck. After unpacking our treasures and a shower we settled down for some painting. Later I could see the sky had some color and went out front, where I saw not only the sunset, but two rainbows! Today calls for a beach walk, Perry is always ready for one, will check low tide maybe walk to lunch at Martha's and we need to go visit CasaMar this weekend. So, stay tuned, the adventure 

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