Monday, February 13, 2017

More rain

The rainy season has started in a big way. Several days it hasnt even slowed down for hours at a time. The pictures posted on Facebook, show some real doozies. 

We had a leak in the closet, that got most of our clothes wet. I hung them outside the next dry day, but then the hanging bar fell and it lay on the floor until morning...guess what, the window leaked that night and the whole hanging bar was in a puddle the next morning. Maria, Nexars wife offered to help do the laundry, and we made quick work of the things from the closet disaster. 

The river meeting the ocean is brown, brown brown. So much mud from all the rain, and the river debris has started. We walked down to the boca the other day,  but the camera had not been charging, so will document another day. We did run into friends gathering stumps, and now know someone who makes tree trunk tables.

In another part of our province over 800 pounds of trash was collected. They literally weighed it. Maybe from the river, but usually we dont have that much trash on our beaches.

The landlord came and wanted to repair the cement, so it drained away from the house. We now have a nice new cement patio, and the shade structure plastic got straightened out, so it is nice and dry. Today is sunny and blue skies. Now that I know the patio is water proofed, I can put things back together. Phone is charged, so maybe a beach walk before it gets too hot. So, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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