Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Photo Album

Some may have noticed I am only using two word titles these days, the reason is the app for this blog program needs updating, and one of the glitches is the title sequence. Oh well, now you know.

We had an amazing thunder and lightning storm last night, and so again this am everything is wet. But, also green...

With all the moisture in the air we have had many rainbows, and our sunsets are spectacular as well, so not really complaining. My locitas (little crazies) helping with our selfie.

More little crazies, our "urchins", David and Bamderley really are cute and good  kids, just dont always know when to stop. They have carried my groceries home from Minimart a couple times for .10 cents a piece, they do want to be helpful.

Our friend Jorge and his little guy making empanadas on a rainy day like we did last week.

The rain may have brought this little visitor inside the other night. Shadrach was very interested in him. Really looked like a sea spider...

An old picture from New Years, isnt this a wonderful likeness of Joffre? We all got a kick out of it, the effigy is really Joffres nephew, but looks just like him!

Looks like another day in the house, I have a painting project to start, so stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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