Monday, February 6, 2017

Visiting Perry

Perry is such a funny dog. He has bells on his collar that jingle softly as he comes and goes, and the other day I heard someone was drinking, but there was no jingle. Then we heard someone eating his breakfast, I went over to the fence to look, and Perry was on his bed letting someone finish what he didnt want. Sweet guy, or stupid?

Later we heard more drinking and saw Perry had invited a friend over! They wrestled a bit, ate and drank then finally layed down together in Perrys bed. We call this guy Gris (spanish for gray, and his muzzle is gray). He lives over by Edison our shrimp guy, and very possibly might be Perrys dad. Whatever the relation, they are always happy to see each other on the street, and now he apparently comes for afternoon snacks.

life is good, for street dogs too. So, stay tuned, the adventure continues 

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