Sunday, February 19, 2017

Looking Up

This week has been drier than last week, and next week is Carnival so hoping it will be even drier. The rain on the paved streets dries pretty quickly, but drainage seems to be a problem in the smaller streets. Makes sense, since we are at (or below) sea level. 

Walking the other day showed how much sand has been washed away, looks like the fishermen have made and remade the sandbag steps to our old house. Doesnt it look different. I do miss it, but am glad to not have all the sand. People have painted the rocks to get ready for Carnival, and some have washed off already from the ocean waves. The ocean is still jefe.

We had a small earthquake and that made our landlord want to reinforce the center of the building, which meant tearing up some of his brand new concrete. We had some minor issues, resulting in some raised voices, followed by some pouting. But in the end, all is well.

The rain has slowed construction, but progress is still being made. 

 My friend Eduardo's house, from start to present. His 50th birthday was on Valentine's Day but he was in Bahia with friends, I'll have Nexar make a small cake and we will celebrate on one of the Carnival nights.

We both have been doing Painting projects inside by the fan, I am  looking forward to having our back patio better than before and put back together. I have been working on a mural, and its slow going, but I completed a lamp yesterday I'd been thinking about. Decided I didnt need the Christmas lights up anymore, so I made them into this table lamp. Really got my brain going, The possibilities are stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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