Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hand made gifts

When we were invited to our friend Fernando's for his sisters birthday, I knew I would need to take a gift. While we had been at the house, I had noticed a small butterfly decoration, and took that as my inspiration. 

I set to work on a plastic, painted, melted sun catcher of sorts. Not really a wind chime, because it had no noisy bits (I thought of adding shells, but decided less was more). 

This is the finished product. Four strands hanging from a painted sand dollar. Plastic soda bottle butterflies, green plastic soda bottle "beads" and flowers from yogurt bottles and beads. The butterflies  are painted different on both side. 

Tricky little thing to photograph. When we got to the sisters house, who the present was for, I saw that she had many butterfly decorations, so I knew it would be a home run!  I couldn't wait for Viviana to open it! She was thrilled, and all the ladies loved it, they passed it around and oohed and awed, it was great! I certainly knew I had to make more for Christmas!

Unfortunately time just got away from me, and I only got one new one made. But, this is Ecuador and Melissa (Fernando's wife) and Lola (Fernando's mom) live in the same house, so one was fine. (Now I know when Melissa's bday is, so she can have her own soon enough)

The plastic bottle when cut into shapes and held over flame, really turns into "shrinkydinks", I played with different shaped butterflies on this one. 

Played with more "beads" making the circles, and coloring these. (The "beads" in the first project were squares cut out of plastic, with the edges softens by flame)

Not everyone was home when we dropped it off, so they didn't open anything, but it was proudly displayed, when we checked in with them later. They think I'm some sort of witch I'm sure, haha!

Now that Christmas is over, I need to get back to my curtain project. Time sure flies when you're "retired"... Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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