Saturday, December 19, 2015

New shoes

I grew up doing errands for my mom, we lived near "town" where I could do some shopping at the market, help with banking and post office, pick up at the pharmacy or cleaners, and the shoe repair. Most "young adults" my age (or younger) have probably never had anything repaired, so much is disposable these days, bought cheap, so why fix it, just buy new?

I had two pair of flip flop sandals that needed new soles. Three weeks ago I put them in a ziplock bag and put that bag by my purse, it still took me two weeks to take them with me to town! And the day I took them, Fernando the shoe repair guy had closed for lunch! But Joffre is one storefront down and he said "leave them with me", I thought he meant so that I'd have them next time I saw Fernando, but when I went to the fruit truck yesterday, Joffre had already turned them in to him.

One pair he said was Basura, trash, he said that because the fabric on the top of the sole was ripped, and he didn't have any to repair it (I could have probably done it, but oh well) the other pair he re-soled and presto chango! New shoes!

Now, if I had been the one to turn them in the Fernando, I would have asked if black sole was available, and I would have asked him if he had anything to "pretty up" the metal ring, that has been ruined by the salt air, but again, oh well.

I will sand down the metal ring a little, and coat it with my oil based paint, now do I do silver or black? Hmmm decisions... So a little more work and I'll have new shoes for $3!

Been pretty unmotivated the last couple days, but today I really do need to make some Christmas presents, as I was reminded yesterday that it is in less than a week! Good grief, where do the days go? So, stay tuned! The adventure continues!

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