Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Pizza delivery

For most of my readers, on any given day, if you wanted pizza your options would be numerous. Your options would include jumping in your car and driving to your favorite pizza place, or calling one of a hundred pizza delivery places and within X amount of time, voila! hot and fresh at your door...not so in this tiny fishing village of San Jacinto, at least not until recently.

A restaurant in San Clemente Ceibo y Bambu is owned and operated by an Ecuadorean man and his Spanish wife. When we first moved to San Alejo we would frequent it quite often, as it was one of the few places who offered other things than the usual coastal fare. The had fish and shrimp, but would put the Spanish flare in the spices and cooking techniques, and they also offered a very good hamburger, not to mention when they started up the brick pizza oven!

But alas, when we moved yet another mile farther away (a year ago yesterday) we went less and less. We liked the place, the atmosphere is great during the day, but at night the lights are TOO BRIGHT, like an operating room, so again, a reason we've not been lately.

About a month ago on Facebook they ( the restaurant) put the question out, would we be interested in delivery? And so many of us expats shouted yes! We live two miles away, and our friends down at the end of the Boca live three miles, that's a pretty long trek even for pizza! (Round trip 6 miles) Finally the menu was posted online and delivery was starting Tuesday thru Sunday from 3-8pm. 

So, Mike and I decided on what kind we wanted, we were getting two, because...leftovers! Yeah!! Then of course our Ecuadorean cell phone was dead, because we rarely use it, and had to wait for it to charge a little...but finally I was able to call in my order. They put the young daughter on the phone, but she could not understand my directions, giving directions is tricky because we have no address and we have no street in front of us, we are on the back side. After a bit of a struggle on the phone, she hung up and in a minute or so another lady called, Linda is an expat living here, though we've never met her. She was able to make sure the order was correct, and got the directions, we still said maybe call when they get to El Centro San Jacinto and I could walk towards the street.

That phone call from Linda was 5:45, we had our wonderful pizzas and were eating within an hour! I did have to go the two short blocks to town to meet the delivery guy, but he gave me a ride back to the house, and now knows where we live. We ate our fill, and enjoyed the leftovers for lunch the next day. Next time, I may just call Linda directly, and let her place the order, or maybe I'll bone up on my directional Spanish, and try my hand again. (Of course it should be easier since he knows where we live now)

Another first on the coast of Ecuador! Things are progressing all the time, I'm getting eggs, beer, water, coffee and now pizza delivered ! Life does NOT suck so, stay tuned...the adventure continues!

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