Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas tree still in progress...

I've been trying to get Christmas stuff wrapped up, so I can move on to other projects, but the days just drain away and not everything gets done. I'm still working on the tree topper, so the tree is not complete, and I haven't decorated under it either...just like the holiday season, never enough hours in the day!

I did finish some non tree decorations...

Mike likes my Blue footed Boobie so well he wants it to be my "signature" and I am getting better at him...

And here are some more ornaments up close, my favorite are the plastic bottle poinsettias!

Yogurt bottle with washi tape, certainly not perfected, I think I need more strips... Bottom of the soda bottle flower, and starburst a made from drinking straws.

I painted some shells with aluminum paint, and didn't drill holes in them first, so I'm making little embroidery thread slings/nets for them, they'll be great.

But that's it! I'm not making anymore ornaments this year! Doesn't look like we will make it to Bahia to buy an artificial tree this year, next week we will have Manuel start some work, and they'll probably be sold out. Oh well, the way the days drain away it'll be Ano Nuevo (New Years) before we know it!! I checked in Charapoto while there on Sunday for market, only ONE store had ONE tree, and it turned out to be too big for our little house and it was $48.

Manuel just stopped by to get our ideas for the work we've commissioned, the ATM was down, so we couldn't give him money for materials. But it looks like he will start work in the morning,so....

Stay tuned! The adventure continues!

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