Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The party continues

Saturday night we took the bus to San Clemente to see if our friend Fransisco was serving his delicious shawarma. He was, and we had our fill (even taking some meat home para havar) yum! We walked home the malecon, and as we got closer to SJ we heard music, not surprising, but as we rounded the corner...

There was a native highland dance troupe blocking the whole street! What?! Did they get lost? Were they supposed to perform last week at the night of Culture? Whatever, it was fun and you never know what you'll find when you go to town!

This week after the festival has been fun, getting smiles and waves from people we met during the festivities. Cementing those new relationships we formed. I have some new local Facebook friends, and get to see their pictures. Here are some pictures of the boat parade from a different vantage point than ours. You can see how crowded the boat was, and where the band was playing...

No wonder we went up top! What a day! One for the record books! 

We have another first coming up, a blog reader is coming to visit! Staying at Casa WF and spending a couple days here with us, to check up on my writings, is it fact or fiction, no kidding. Looking forward to meeting them and proudly showing off our town. Bienvenido!!

San Clemente festival starts next week, it's the crazy one, wall to wall bodies. I'm sure we will go to be apart of it, so stay tuned...the adventure continues! (Here's a picture from a past SC Festival)

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