Saturday, August 8, 2015

Manuel the Maestro

We have been wanting to have Manuel, our carpenter back to do some work for quite awhile, but it seemed that there was always something that came up. Income taxes ate most of our savings, then we had visitors, our rentals needed some new appliances, then he was working for our friends at Casa WF, but finally we had some money we could spend on projects, and he was available. I had been wanting him to finish the fence across the back, and I despretly needed some organization outside, driftwood, bottles, and empty plant pots were getting out of control.

He came Wednesday morning to take a look, and figure a quote for materials, he came up with $100 for materials and said he could start after lunch, the work would take 2-3 days, and he would work alone. (His fee is $25 per day, and if he had a helper, the helper would get $15 per day.)

We chose the fence in the back to be open so as not to cut off the neighbors breeze (the horizontal matches the front). My first plan for the shelving unit had been more of a potting bench style, but it would have been too cumbersome to move, and I really do like rearranging, so I chose to make it less massive. It still may get some tweaking, and pretty-ing up, but it functions perfectly.

The REAL piece de resistance is the security door idea Mike came up with. We had planned on getting a custom iron security door made, we never got any quotes, but it would run around $125. Then Mike saw the beautiful doors Manuel was doing at Casa WF, and thought they would work for our situation.

This is Manuels "signature" design and we asked for the addition of the doggie door. Our first thought was to put screen on it, but now we realize we don't really need it. We have very little bugs with so much ocean breeze.

PERFECTO! We still have plenty of breeze, but are not open to intruders, especially if we are back in one of the interior rooms. Our friends, or delivery people know we are home, and just have to yell, and bonus the dogs get to go or be outside whenever they want. But do they use it?

You betcha! They LOVE it!

He was done in two days, but we paid him for the 2 1/2, love the outcome and feel the price of $165 was a steal! He even sanded and put fresh laquer on the front door and moulding. Mi gusta!

Our next project will be some shade structure, we will spread our wealth around and use another local recommended by Fernando our fisherman friend. He said we could do very "economico" possibly around $80...maybe next month. So, stay tuned...the adventure continues!

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