Friday, August 28, 2015

Red de pesca

I Recently learned the word for net is red, I haven't come to try to use it in a sentence yet, but there it is another word in my vocabulary. (I also learned clavo, nails and cabo, rope oh, and brujita, super glue, can you tell we've been hanging out at Joffres?)

Anyway, I found these pictures on Facebook, they are San Clemente fishermen, and give a view as to what happens out on the water.

So, they go out in the late afternoon, set their big nets, hang out, then pull them in. Come to shore, drop off the catch, go home to sleep, eat whatever, then go back out in the wee morning hours to get the fish at sunrise. They do it all over again, then once they've got the catch unloaded, it's time to do the maintenance, so they start working on any repairs that need to be done. 

Yesterday they were having an inspection, the nets were being measured (with tape measures) and also the size of the net (size of holes in the netting). Every boat and crew was on hand to unfold the nets and help measure while the officials wrote down on their clipboards. It's the second inspection I've seen. Sorry no pictures ( it wasn't really an exciting photo op).

Here are pictures from a different kind of net. These nets are huge and are dropped by boat, then pulled thru the water by men onshore. Two teams of men start on opposite sides, and work the net towards one another, scooping fish into the net. This process takes hours, and now that the net is onshore, the boat comes to pick up the net after its empty.

They load the fish into these bags then load on a waiting truck. I believe these are sardines.

The Pelicans and frigates always show up trying to get their fill, it's a crazy feeling having these birds flying above you so close.

A friend of ours went to the Manta fish market recently and took these pictures.

This is apparently marlin. And a whole lotta other fish. Our friend said Manta gets bigger and deeper water fish than we do in San Jacinto, makes sense, deeper water and bigger boats. 

Good times! Got awfully quiet outside all of a sudden, and the boats are putting on their shrimping gear and heading out for a bit of day shrimping. You better believe I'll be watching for them when they get home. Better go put up my new bag holder on the fence. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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