Monday, August 31, 2015

Bombas and Buckets

The other day I was washing dishes and the water slowed to a trickle, then nada. We came to the conclusion the bomba (pump) wasn't getting electricity. (We thankfully had a full cistern of water) Mike got what tools he had, and tried to strip the wire and reconnect, but it was too short and he really doesn't enjoy playing with electricity, so what do we do?! Yep, go to Joffre. He wasn't at work, what!? On a Saturday?! ( he was playing futball in his 40 and up league) We thought no one would come on a Sunday, and it wasn't that important to us, so we waited until Monday morning and tried Joffre again, he grabbed his tools and headed over. When he realized he couldn't fix it, he said he'd get his techno and within half an hour the electrician was here, not only did he fix the wiring, but we'd expressed interest in a spigot for a hose, and voila! He hooked that up too, the cost? Ready? Are y'all sitting down? $10

I still forget I have the hose (mangera) and water by bucket, but it's nice to have when I do remember. We had not too long ago bought the big white bucket in the picture for $2.50 to use for laundry or watering and I realized that was a lot of storage for $ I went and bought four the other day.

Decorated and labeled them and wow! more organization is a great thing. I do feel like we are getting more and more settled, seems like it's taken a long time, but when one has to start from scratch, things take awhile. Speaking of's a project I recently finished.

Pretty rough looking plastic ice bucket I found on the beach, started wrapping rope around it securing it with the hot glue gun, and I love the way it turned out!

Here's the new bag holder we installed, the old one was just too small. This fits lots of fundas, so everybody can use one to carry home their goodies.

We had our first blog reader guest this weekend, met up for dinner in downtown Friday night, and I told him he had to do all the talking, because he knew so much about me, I was at a disadvantage. We had a very good time, lunch and short walking tour Saturday, took them to the Sunday market and later they headed off to check out Bahia and Canoa. Safe travels, don't forget to write, and for the rest of you, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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