Thursday, August 13, 2015

Gearing up for the big day

Our little village has been very busy getting ready for its biggest festival, the curbs are being painted, the store fronts are getting spruced up and...we got asphalt! It is really bitter sweet for us, we loved our little cobble stone street, but the locals are very excited, asphalt means progress.

This bench is in front of Mamas wine and liquor store, a very popular seat with the neighborhood men. (Those are vecinos knees, the neighbor who made my rake.) Many of us just stood around and watched...

Yesterday when I went to Jenny's for groceries, she had cardboard boxes flattened down on her store floor because the asphalt was being tracked in everywhere, but it's pretty and new and they love it. 

The other thing that has been happening is the blessing of the neighborhoods. The different barrios select a house (or place) to host the Mass, and then the neighbors gather to take part.

This one was set up in what will be a new park

Large crowd, the mass was to start at 8pm, I'm sure it didn't...

Another neighborhood getting ready

Another neighborhood mass

And we walked home from La Boca last night and saw another house near the Armada that had these balloons, so there are still more neighborhoods being blessed.

Also last night, the bandstand was open mic. Joffre, his brother, Edison our shrimp guy, and Pasqual the whale boat captain all sang songs (among others). 

Tonight there will be more "culture", Friday morning the procesion maritima, or boat parade, of course probably right in front of the house, Friday night dancing, Saturday there is a 5k, and more dancing at night, then Sunday the big parade with the school bands and cheerleaders, good times! 

So, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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