Friday, August 7, 2015

Our "new" Lakefront Property

I just can't express enough the strangeness of a roving landscape. You live at the beach, you think sand is sand, you have a love hate relationship with it. But little did I know how movable it was, I mean I know it gets everywhere, couch, kitchen, under the bed, in the bed, in clothes pockets, etc. but I wasn't...expecting it to disappear, then reappear as if a magician conjured up a trick.

(February this year 2015)

We recently noticed the reappearance of the sand out by the "ruins", then right in front of the house. The sandbar has really turned our "ocean front house" into "lakefront". Not many can say that!

(The boat is actually floating, the "lake" was at least 3-4 ft deep)

Some more pictures showing the sand up against the rocks, used to be to get to the house one would have to scamper up 6ft of rock, but now, the fishermen can step up no problem. Since we walk this same mile stretch of beach so often, we can really "feel" how the sand is making the beach long, short, deep,it's hard to explain, sometimes I can get pictures to share the feelings, sometimes not...

( short step up towards the back, where the brick wall still stands.)

(Photo taken probably April, you can see how tall the rocks are at the white house)

(Longer shot taken from the shoreline)

read that sand, is behind lava and mudslide in fastest moving "solid", I tried to find it again, so I could quote it more accurately but I don't know where I was reading, oh well, y'all trust me..hehee

Usually there is a big mud patch here, you can just see a little poking out from under the newly placed sand. Such a wild and untamed place, not just Ecuador, but living on the beach, people who live even a couple blocks back may not notice this sand issue, glad I get to be a part of it.

Another good picture of the rocks, and the sandbar. As we now know, it's always changing, so stay tuned! The adventure continues!

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