Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday and Sunday in San Jacinto, Festival style

According to the schedule of events, Saturday was to hold a 5K, that wasn't all that interesting to us, so we took the bus into PortoViejo with friends and had Chinese for lunch. (We only run if someone or something is chasing us, so...)

After we got back from PV, we took a nap, woke up at dusk and got into our party and dancing clothes. Another band was set to play at 9pm, we met up with our friends and headed to El Centro, the band was good (from Quito) but the turn out was much smaller than the night before. I had taken some pictures of the dancing crowd, but now can't find them. What I do have pictures of is our Fun Ride on the Two headed Dragon! 

Here we go!

There were two in operation this evening, the other is a Caterpillar (you'll see later during parade) they would alternate, so always one was running, and for $1 we got a couple loop de loops, and about 15 minutes of fun. The driver drove in such a way that we were slipping and sliding on our seats, and it was really fun! Loud music of course accompanied the ride, what could be better? (It's available for rent, of course it's a family member of Joffre! Maybe for a birthday celebration, rent it for a couple hours! What fun!)

We danced til just after midnight again, and decided to call it a night, the parade was in the morning, and we didn't want to miss it. After we got home the power went out, they were having some technical difficulties, but they finally got everything to work, and the party continued. We didn't hear it loud enough to keep us awake, but I think it went on til 3 or 4am. ( here's a pic I found, the camera had some dust on it, but you can see the dance floor behind us)

We finally heard noise coming from El Centro around 9ish, and ventured out to get a good place on the parade route. I remembered from last year, that this is the shortest parade ever, they literally go three blocks then stop...they use the shade structure as sort of a stage, and stop and perform for the people, then move on and it's the next performers turn. Whatever, it was entertaining.

Here are our Queen and princesses.

Our friend and favorite grill master, Pepito was in this group.

Anderson and Patricia's father is carrying the banner, and Junior our fishermen friend was walking in the back of this group.

San Jacinto marching band, always love a good drum section!

These guys were good, in and out thru out the whole parade, would walk over unsuspecting kids heads, and at the end were picking up smaller children and carrying them around.

San Clemente Volunteer Fire department

The dancing ponies were a hit! They performed a good 20 minutes. And posed for pictures after...

And finally the Caterpillar, and ...our little friends!

I'd say a good time was had by all! After the parade we did the rounds, said hello to our peops, and went home for some lunch. We heard music all afternoon, I can't believe they were still dancing, but they probably were! 

The festivities were to end with a final mass at 6pm, and the music stopped not long before, needless to say the town was very quiet Monday, and even Tuesday some people were still closed. Again, I'd say a good time was had by all...I know we can't wait for next year! So, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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