Monday, June 2, 2014

Beach life

So we made it to the coast! Had our Quito guide, Jose pick us up at the hotel at noon on Sunday, we toured another area then headed to the airport. Where Delta charged us $200 per dog, and $75 for over weight baggage, our new favorite airline Avianca charged $20 per dog, and $20 for over weight. The plane was late, but we didn't even notice, we were enjoying people watching. We got preferential treatment, even upgraded to first class, we've decided to take the wheelchair and "boot" every time we fly :)

The Manta airport is tiny, but beautiful. Our Crucita host, Wolf told us it used to be an United States Air Force facility. Since we were late, we all decided to skip his offer of the grocery store, and opted to get "home " and unpack. The house did not disappoint, true to the online pictures ( something people worried about) the only thing was the stairs. I knew it had stairs, but they do prove difficult with crutches, I've since decided to "crab walk", and that works.

This morning we awoke to roosters, had coffee on the deck and enjoyed watching the world wake up. Wolf came at 9am to take us to breakfast, then the grocery store in Porto Viejo (30 min away)

The juice is passion fruit, the tin is a corn frittata, the "blob" in front is plantain "bread" filled with cheese ( it was our favorite) the brown bread was made from yucca and filled with fish, mild and very tasty. And the beige bread was also made from yucca, it was so moist inside I thought it too was filled with cheese, but Wolf said no. All this for 3 with enough for leftovers was $11. 

The grocery store was big like American stores, actually played American music. We bought the staples, and some meat and fruit to get us by ( in case we don't want to go anywhere tomorrow) spent $111 for way more bags than we'd get in the States. Stopped at the beer guy on the way home, turned in a case of empties ( from previous renter) and got a new case of 22oz bottles for $13.

When we got home we met the neighbor, Carlos. He's the one with the roosters, and it turns out he fights them. Offered to take us to a cock fight, they are held on Saturdays...hmmm that does sound adventurous! Also drove thru the town of Crucita, found the bakery ( Mike will go in the morning ) the farmicia (drug store) and the recommended market and restaurants. Only half of our street is paved, so it may be a week before we get to the beach. (Wheelchair and crutches) it's been 3 weeks since the break.

Weather is beautiful, probably 80 and sunny, with a nice breeze. I'm writing this from the hammock and Mike is starting the grill for the chorizo and chicken. Awww, life is good in Ecuador! Stay tuned, the adventure continues! Buenos tardes!



  1. very interesting and loving your adventure. don't break any other limbs, either of you

  2. loving your adventures.