Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sightseeing around Quito

Yesterday was our first day in Ecuador. Our driver, Jose came to our hotel at 9am to take us on a tour. We had already had a very nice breakfast over looking Quito, and we're told it was the first day without rain in several days. Jose wanted to take us to Cotopaxi Volcano, he said it was clearly visible as he drove into town to get us.

By the time we got to the National Park, (approx 1 1/2) hours, the clouds had rolled in and we couldn't see the beautiful snow capped volcano. Turns out you must have your own tour guide to get in the park, and we did not. Jose tried calling two students he knows but they weren't available. I couldn't have done much on crutches anyway, so we kept driving. We saw so many different landscapes from the van, and just enjoyed soaking it all in.

The yellow/beige in the above picture is wheat, and we saw oats, broccoli, onions, potatoes, beans and corn. The farmers would bring their bags to the road, and eventually someone would come pick them up, probably on donkey. The bags were this size.

The farmers were all dressed like this, and some of the farm plots were on very steep hills, looked scary. They all had a couple animals, sheep, cows, pigs and dogs. Sometimes the cows and pigs would be tethered by the side of the road.

It was an amazing tour, we ended the drive at a crater lake, Quilotoa, there was a good sidewalk, so I could use the wheelchair to the overlook.

Another large city we saw from above on the way back to Quito. It was a lovely day, but we decided to stick close to the hotel today, Ice and rest for the ankle.We will do some more sightseeing tomorrow as we head to the airport, we have a short 40 minute flight as we make our way to the coast. We have NOT been disappointed in Ecuador so far, certainly will have to come back to Quito after I'm walking again, not wheelchair friendly. Hotel, actually Bed and Breakfast is beautiful, owner speaks wonderful English and it's in a great location, if we were able to walk around. Next time! Stay tuned, the adventure continues...on the coast!!!


  1. what a grand way to explore this great universe

  2. Glad you arrived safely. Hope it's all you expected. Assume you are now off to your rental. Can't wait to see it.