Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Read the signs

The biggest lesson we have learned in planning our adventures, is...shit is going to happen! When we set off from Boise in our used motor home with the two 65 lb dogs and whatever stuff could fit, we thought the road in front of us was long. Not even an hour into the trip...we blew a tire! We limped into the closest town, found a tire place, and because it was close to midnight, had to camp out in the parking lot. Was it frustrating? You betcha!! But what we knew was it could be fixed, and it certainly wouldn't have happened if we were still sitting on the couch!

We have learned to expect the bumps in the road, those bumps are part of it. Those bumps are what make other people stay home. We forget from time to time, and seem surprised when an obstacle arrives, but then we think back to that first night on the road in Boise, and know, it's Supossed to happen.

So, our advice is to read the signs, be prepared for obstacles, hurdles, and speed bumps. Don't let them discourage you, but embrace them as a new challenge you get to tackle! Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, right?

This sign, I did not see coming...but, we ordered a cheap wheelchair on Amazon, and I'll get back to business. Fractured ankle, choosing not to see orthopedic doc here, for free healthcare while visiting on my 30 day passport, and after we apply for 180 day Visa. Mike can wheel me down to the beach, and what a great way to recoup! Since we started packing the house in April, we are in pretty good shape. I've hired some people to help, handyman comes tomorrow to finish some projects. I've got gutter cleaners, and house power-washers next week, and a cleaning service that will come after we load the container to do the inside of cabinets, base boards, windows and well, stuff I could have done, but for $125 why not relax, and put my feet up?

So, in closing remember, you only run into speed bumps if your moving. There are no road signs in your living room, you must be on the road to see the signs. Not all signs are scary, they can be, but they don't have to stop you. Use caution, follow advice, and apparently hold on to your dentures!

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