Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our anniversary

Today is our 19 year wedding anniversary. We got engaged 6 months after our first date, and married 6 months after that. What a whirlwind! So many adventures we've had over the last 20 years, and embarking on a new one as we speak. No one I'd rather see the world with-my best friend, Mike Adams!

We sold our last car yesterday, got money from a stranger, ( wanting to bless us and our trip) and had a plumber friend come install the sink in our newly renovated bathroom. Getting the suitcases packed, and then all the rest of our clothes into the wardrobe boxes. Packed up most of the kitchen, just a few odds and ends left out, so we can still cook. We've gotten all our apostilled documents back, the only thing left to do, on the document side, is the Health Certificate for the dogs.

They've had their shots, 7 each ( one of which, went up their nose) had de-wormer, and tomorrow go back to have all that documented. ( yep, tomorrow is 10 days til we fly!) then on Thursday, we take the health certificate to Raleigh, NC to the USDA certified vet, to have him sign off on the health certificate...THEN we must get the health certificate translated into Spanish, and the translation notarized, THEN we will scan it to the consulate in Atlanta ( just to make sure everything is correct) THEN, if anything isn't correct, we hurry like hell and fix it. But if it is correct, we have an appointment ( I hope, never got confirmation) on the day before we fly to have Consulate approve. 


Follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth process when traveling with your pets.
Health Certificate
A health certificate is required when shipping your pet as cargo.Effective Oct1,2013 Delta will require a health certificate for all pets checked as baggage Some destination states may require a health certificate for your pet. Your veterinarian, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, or the Department of Agriculture for your destination state may provide you with more information.
If a health certificate is required, it must be issued by a licensed veterinarian within 10 days of transport and must include:
  • shipper's name and address
  • tag numbers or tattoos assigned to the animal
  • age of the animal being shipped (USDA regulations require animals be at least 10 weeks old and fully weaned before traveling)
  • statement that the animal is in good health (If the shipper knows that the pet is pregnant, it must be noted on the health certificate)
  • list of administered inoculations, when applicable
  • signature of the veterinarian
  • date of the certificate

  • Not our dog, but cute picture. Would traveling be easier without pets? You betcha, but you travel with kids, even tho they're pains in the asses...we researched many countries before deciding on Ecuador, and one thing we knew was, we wouldn't move anywhere they made us quarantine. The dogs will be our carry on luggage, and won't leave our sight the entire time. Had an email from the family that's currently renting the beach house, their St. Bernard was in his kennel 38 hours when they flew from Az. Long trip, didn't fly nonstop, and then got held up in customs, no thanks! That doesn't sound fun for anybody! That's why I chose to drive down to Atlanta, for the nonstop flight.

    And speaking of Atlanta, we are making a last chance tour of some places we've always wanted to see. Booked a hotel in Savannah, GA, for two nights. We have a rental car we turn in at the airport, and will drive down the coast, thru Myrtle Beach, and Charleston, SC. Spend some time, poke around, and enjoy our pre-flight vacation. Might as well, we won't have any furniture left in the house after the container gets loaded. That'll be my next post, yikes! Guess I better get packing-it's a mad dash to the finish! More excitement everyday! The adventure continues!!!

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