Monday, May 12, 2014

T is for transportation

Today's motto is "it'll be hard to take it home on the bus". This motto, or phrase is being used when we think about what will go in the container next week. For instance, trash can

And laundry basket, new microwave, plastic drawers for me to store/organize the supplies for making Veronica's dresses, basically big bulky items that may be easy to replace, but difficult to transport on the chicken bus.

Let me explain what a "chicken bus" is, very common in Latin American countries, they are retired school buses that are now being used as  "public transportation". The users of these buses often have cargo they are transporting, live chickens, I guess being the strangest, hence the name. "Grocery bus" or "package bus" doesn't quite capture the reality of it. They are .25  cents in town, and approx $1/hr for long distance (destination town 2.5 hrs away = $2.50)

On the subject of transportation, we bought a trailer for the bikes. It zips totally closed, and can haul not only the chihuahuas, but groceries, and picnic supplies. It looks like this, and for now stays in the box, to be loaded in the container.

My last tidbit on transportation, is yesterday while puttering around the house, I rolled, and fractured my ankle. So I am immobile for most of this week, trying to stay still while it starts to heal. I've opted not to see an orthopedic doctor here, will wait and have more X-rays done in Ecuador, and see what needs to be done, if anything. It'll be a great first hand way to research the health care system, right?!
Stay tuned, it's a bumpy ride, but at least I know I'm moving. Stay safe and healthy, mantenerse sano!

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