Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Crucita Day ONE - Beachfront

Paige is still broken and the roads are too rough to get her near the beach except by car so I decided to go for a walk and see what I can see. There are a few small grocery stores, a bunch of restaurants, a Pharmacy, a Veterinarian, Bakery and an amazing beachfront! I'm sure there is much more that we will discover. Wolf knows of a good Doctor that will look at Paige's leg for $20 to $40. Hopefully there is some walking in her near future. Until then we'll get to know our cute place. Stay tuned, we'll do a video tour of the house today.


  1. How about Mail. Will your mail be forwarded for sometime and how long will it take as it's about 2 wk turnaround just in the states. How about internet signal? Assume cheaper to live in the little towns than closer into a big city. How far are you from a big city. Gosh am I the only person with questions. Must be wanderlust. Can't wait to hear more.

    1. So far the only mail sent to our mail service we didn't need, viewing it online was sufficient, but we will keep y'all posted, we'll keep it at least a year.. The internet signal here at the beach house is much better than the Quito hotel, but that may be because there's only 2of us using it. Small towns are much cheaper, yes, we have two larger cities within half hour, see my post today June 4. Thanks for all the questions!