Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Evening stroll

We have been getting out more and more now that I'm walking, we try to find the flattest surfaces to walk on, but around here that is not always a possibility, but I'm not letting uneven terrain stop me. We walked down to the Malecon about 5 pm, strolled around and were going to get a light dinner while watching the sunset, these are some pictures we took.

We had never walked this far down before, the paved road ends and it is gravel, but I wanted to keep going. Music was loud coming from one of the stalls, men, probably fishermen waiting to go out, they had to talk so loud over the music, and I thought "if they just turned it down, they wouldn't have to yell", but this is South America and they like it loud. I was shy to snap pictures, but in one of these stalls were two men either fixing or making fishing nets, it was cool.

We found where they sell their fish in the AM, on the very last paved street, we'll have to get out early one morning and see what we can get.

Another example of bamboo scaffolding, this looks like it'll be an amazing place, we'll keep an eye on the progress.

This one looks almost done, they've put the plaster coat over the bricks, just needs windows, and guts.

This one, however needs some attention. Must say, it does have great ventilation!

These condos were nice looking, but every single window was covered, it's probably just too bright.
And this Hostel, I couldn't tell if it was in business or not, again all the windows were covered, but there wasn't anybody around, you'd think with this many rooms ( probably 8-10), you'd see somebody.

It was a nice walk, except for the occasional dog, we had the place to ourselves. We found a fruit tree, don't know what it is, but it must not taste very good, otherwise people would pick it for themselves. The ones that dropped when too ripe looked like aliens, yuck.

Some more pictures, as we walked back towards "town". 

And finally, our sunset. The World Cup was on, so many of the restaurants weren't serving food, so we just got a jugo, (juice, which we learned from Fernando is pronounced Hugo) and watched the sun go down over our little beach. 

Tomorrow we have our driver, Richard ( recommended by the owners of this rental) picking us up at 9am, and taking us to San Clemente, a town 12 miles north. We'll meet up with David Hitchcock, who has 3-5 houses to show us. I found Dave's blog while I was doing research of the coastal towns, so it'll be fun to meet him in person. Got in touch with him, after reaching out to Nan Levin, another blog I followed, she suggested I contact him, as he has his hands in many endeavors. 

I've had a person say they weren't getting emailed when I update, is anyone else having problems? I haven't seen the "site visited" counter change much lately, and wonder if there's a glitch somewhere. Hope all is well with y'all, thanks for following our adventure. Stay tuned!

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